Stress from debt

Proposed ‘Breathing Space’ for Individuals Struggling with Debt

Stress caused by debtThe government has launched a consultation on introducing a ‘breathing space’ for individuals struggling with debt.

The proposed changes could mean that individuals would have up to six weeks free from further interest, charges, and enforcement action. 

In Scotland, people in debt entering into repayment plans have a statutory right to have their fees and interest frozen under the Scottish “debt arrangement scheme” (DAS). The scheme provides a six-week “breathing space” for debtors looking to set up a repayment scheme, followed by a statutory repayment plan. There is currently no equivalent scheme elsewhere in the UK. In these countries arrangements to freeze interest and charges, and to suspend debt recovery and enforcement action, are made voluntarily between debtors and their creditors.

Following a review of the Money Advice Service, the previous government agreed to consider whether some form of breathing space would be a useful and viable addition to the range of formal and informal debt solutions available to consumers and creditors. The new government has committed to introducing a six-week breathing space.

This call for evidence is the first step in implementing the manifesto commitment and seeks to gather information to gain insight into how a six-week breathing space could best be designed. (Source:

This is a very welcome change as it will allow individuals time to obtain professional advice to help them to get back on their feet.

Financial worries can be overwhelming and it often it is difficult to see a way out.  Professional advice can be invaluable and at Kewans we will work with you and clearly explain the options available to deal with your debt.

For a free consultation please contact us on 02380170797, or by emailing, or completing our Contact Form on the website home page.

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